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About Us

In 2001, our founder Sheena Wilson MSc decided to bring her love and understanding of child development to the UAE. She began by growing a team who shared her passion for child development, they then began delivering their unique service.

Throughout the years we have helped nurture the growth of many of the UAE’s children. Our results speak for themselves, with many of our first children now at University and working in full time occupations.

At the Wilson Centre we are passionate about growing every child’s development naturally so they can go on to achieve their full potential and live a fulfilled life. We observe every child individually and holistically, seeing the whole picture before assuming a diagnosis.

Our centres provide a safe and professional environment where our experienced team nurture natural development. Using play based therapies our experienced multi-disciplinary team get results, meanwhile cultivating a healthy self-esteem for them to carry forward in life.

We share your dreams for your child and want them to succeed in every aspect of life. Our specifically designed programmes realise the potential of each child with many effectively entering mainstream schools and achieving high academic success.

Our Vision

We can see every child finishing school successfully and entering adult life as well rounded and confident individuals. Born from our collective focus on child development today.

Our Mission

Our interdisciplinary approach provides a fun therapeutic, play based environment where every child develops the necessary skills for successful learning.

Who We Are

Specialist child development therapeutic services, advice and support. The Wilson Centre shares its developmental-centred approach to enhance young lives by nurturing every child’s innate potential.

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