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Meg Faure Infant Sensory Integration Training at the Wilson Centre

24th February 2019

International bestselling Author & Occupational Therapist Meg Faure visited the Wilson Centre team from South Africa. Our multidisciplinary therapy team attended a two day course on Sensory Integration (SI) in order to enhance their therapeutic practice.

During the course, an array of topics relating to the importance of Occupational Therapy (OT) and SI were discussed. Often, when we have children referred for Speech or Behvaiour  we recommend OT  to begin with. This is because the Sensorimotor system is the foundation of every person. If there are issues in its functioning these are often the root cause for behavioural issues, delayed speech or poor academics. These ‘top of the iceberg’ symptoms can be fixed through Occupational Therapy utilising Sensory Integration.

Therapists also furthered their knowledge on sensory processing, motor function, visual-tactile integration, the mother-infant dyad and home therapy techniques.

We look forward to implementing Meg’s techniques into our therapeutic practice, along with each therapists professional experience & wealth of knowledge.

For more information on Meg Faure please visit: https://www.megfaure.com/

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