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Overcoming Learning Development Disorders at the Wilson Centre | A Testimonial

26th November 2018

There are no words to adequately describe the overwhelming myriad of anguish, when your child is finally diagnosed with learning and developmental disorders.

In our son’s case Dyspraxia – mental turbulence and tail spin is guaranteed!

Although in the back of my mind, there was always a nagging feeling that something was ’not quite right’.

He missed developmental mile stones, was very slow to learn to ride a bike, tie shoe laces, do up buttons, catch a ball, could not float, severely disliked certain textures both to eat and to touch etc.

It was easy to excuse it: ‘oh it’s just one of those things – or just a phase’ as he was such a delightful, cute little boy!

Over time, it became heart breaking to see him struggle at school. By year 4 he had significantly fallen behind his peers. Puzzling, as according to the Educational Psychologist report, our son has a high IQ!

The teachers labeled him lazy, slow, lacking concentration etc. Their remedy was to give him EXTRA practice doing the things he struggled with, using the same old method, which brought no improvement at all but escalated the devastating, negative effects on his moral and self-esteem!

It was our good fortune that we got to hear about Sheena, who at that time had just moved to the Emirates.

We appreciated the care Sheena took to explain her methods, particularly the unique significance of the developmental pyramid, and her straight talking, no-nonsense approach.

After a thorough assessment, we followed a twice weekly Therapy plan, tailored to our son’s needs, with daily home practice for four years.

While the school only focused on pointing out problems, Sheena gave us a hands on project to work with. It was a big commitment and it demanded a lot of effort and patience from all concerned.

Progress was slow, but noticeable over time. However, it is true to say that not all symptoms have disappeared, but he has learned to manage things that he finds difficult.

Our son has finished school and University successfully. We are proud to say, that he is now a young adult with a bright future, which is a blessing indeed.

From personal experience, I recommend the unique therapy methods developed by Sheena, whole heartedly to you.

May your children reap the benefits of these methods, to help them reach their full potential.

Words from Charlie* about receiving therapy with Sheena:

I can not remember in detail many things from the time before I started seeing Sheena at her practice, however a couple of key activities always stand out in my mind.

I was unable to swing myself on a swing using only my legs to build the momentum, I was unable to bounce for sustained periods on a trampoline as I would lose the rhythm and throwing and catching were rather difficult too. It is one of the first things that built my confidence in Sheena’s methods at a young age, I realised that after a period of time I was suddenly able to swing on a swing like all the other children.

This took a great deal of work to achieve, both at Sheena’s practice but also at home with my parents.

I still struggle with certain things that are due to my learning and developmental disorder, however I have learned to cope with what I find difficult. I still cannot stand to touch sand paper or rough stones. I don’t think I will ever be able to have my finger nails filed so manicures are off the table!  But I excel at things that I once struggled with as a boy.

I owe a great deal of this to Sheena and her methods.

*Named changed for privacy

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