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Who or what is Wilson Centre?

UAE-based Wilson Centre is a child development focused team of interdisciplinary therapists. We offer bespoke therapy packages and inclusion support in schools.

When was the Wilson Centre established?

In 2012 Sheena Wilson embarked on a new project after she had been supporting children with learning difficulties in the UAE since 2001. The Wilson Centre first opened its doors in Sharjah, since then they have expanded, opening a branch in Dubai in 2018.  They continue to expand supporting inclusion in schools and introducing sensory friendly experiences into the UAE.

Who needs the services of the Wilson Centre?

The Wilson Centre provides a team of child development experts in various fields, through our interdisciplinary expertise’s we provide services for children who need additional support, no matter how little is needed.

What should parents be looking out for, signs their child may need additional support?

Children should hit their milestones around the estimated ages, if they are delayed in hitting a milestone this may be a sign that you should seek advice. In some cases, there may be no reason for concern however having a consultation with a child development expert can give you a deeper understanding of your child’s progress. Young children who have mild delays or learning disabilities may benefit from short term therapeutic input and then no longer need intervention. The earlier the delay is addressed the sooner it can be rectified.

What does the Law of Inclusion mean for the families of the UAE?

The Law of Inclusion means schools and nurseries admit all children. This ensures every child receives equal opportunities to mainstream education. For families wanting their child to experience ‘typical’ nursery/school the Law of Inclusion makes this possible, no matter the child’s individual needs. In order for this to be progressive/successful for these children it is important they receive onsite support, usually in addition to the regular timetable. It is important for the both the child and the teachers to receive expert support.