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Handwriting Group

Handwriting groups are to help improve a child’s handwriting by developing their fine motor skills.

This group will focus on:

  • Letter and number formation

  • Hand strength and wrist stability

  • Pencil control

  • Spacing between words and letters

  • Speed

With four students in a group, students will be divided by age and ability.

Handwriting Groups will be run by an Occupational Therapist or a Special Education Teacher. 

Social Skills Group

Social Skills groups are designed to help students develop and maintain peer relationships, as well as interact in a socially appropriate manner.  The group will help students with

  • Confidence

  • Problem Solving

  • Understanding and managing their own emotions

With four students in a group, they will be divided by age and ability. Social Skills Groups will be run by the Speech Therapist or a Behaviour Therapist.

Specialised groups are available once a week over 12-weeks, or twice a week for 6-weeks, depending on the demand.

Please contact us directly for the current schedule.





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